I am a system thinker

I am passionate about design language and design patterns, about growing the people around me and leveraging our shared knowledge to push existing design conventions to deliver delightful yet familiar experiences.

I create relationships

Interactions between people, objects, environments and services penetrate every aspect of our lives. My passion as a designer is to act as a liaison between artifacts and humans to ensure this relationship reaches its greatest potential.

I design across Platfroms

How do you design an experience for a brand which is consumed on the web, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows while maintaining brand cohesion? What are the key elements that make an experience feel native yet familiar? Finding the right balance is unique to each brand and platform. I work to identify which are integral to designing elegant and consistent experiences.

I think in Ecosystems

Who are the people you are speaking to?
What is each person’s point of reference?
When designing, I consider the context in which I am working–the users, the system, the environment, the history, the office and the people with whom I work - and I include each as a reference point to complete an experience which builds upon strengths to meet a shared goal. When shared goals are not clear, I work to find common ground and identify the best path forward.